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The German War Cemetery and graves on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire Commonwealth War Graves on Cannock Chase Staffordshire, a short distance from the B&B of Haywood Park Farm a place to stay when visiting the graves
Cannock Chase German Military Cemetery
The German Cemetery Near Haywood Park Farm
The German Cemetery is easily reached by car or on foot (8 miles round trip on foot) from Haywood Park Farm. The German Cemetery on Cannock Chase is a memorial to some 5,000 German war dead, servicemen's graves are marked by headstones of Belgian granite, in plots of heather and looked after by dedicated gardeners.

The memorial was established in 1962, parties of young Germans have come to Staffordshire and have worked on the grave plots under guidance of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

The cemetery is also a tribute to the people of Staffordshire who through their County Council, gave the land on which the cemetery stands to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, who administers it on behalf of the German Commission.
The Commonwealth Cemetery contains 388 graves of men from the two World Wars, 287 of them German serviceman.

The design of the buildings, and the siting of the cemetery in the beautiful valley on Cannock Chase, was the work of three men: Professor Diez Brandi of Göttingen in Germany, and Harold Doffman and Peter Leach, partners in a Stafford firm of architects.

German servicemen from both wars, sailors buried at seaports round the coast of Britain, airmen shot down inland and soldiers, most of them prisoners of war buried in Churchyards throughout the county, were transferred from their burial places to the Chase Military Cemetery.
The walk from Haywood Park Farm is all on paths through the Woodland and Heathland of Cannock Chase, it is a very pleasant walk and should be enjoyed by those of reasonable fitness. For the less able the graves are a pleasant short drive through the beautiful village of Brocton, Milford and past the ancient Oak Woodlands.

Visitors can hire Mountain Bikes from the farm and cycle on  traffic free tracks and bridleways to the cemetery.